The ABCD DTS Driving School Course will teach the important topics such as:

• The Foundations of Safe Driving

• TSignals, Signs and Markings

• TSafe Driving Techniques

• TRules of the Road

• TKnowing Your Car

• TStarting & Stopping

• TParking, Braking and Turns

• TRoadway Conditions

• TSharing the Road

• TState Drivers Test Preparation

House Pick Up & Drop

• One day training with the instructor sitting at the near seat.

• 10 Kms drive Daily for 20 days with the instructor sitting by your side.

• 15 Days Practical (per day ½ hour or 10 K.M per class ).

• 5 days Theory ( 2 days Traffic Signal ,2 days personal vehicle hand set, 1 days vehicle mechanism .)

• Community representing over 40 different nations.

• The trainees will be specially picked up and dropped at their Houses during training period.

• You have all the liberty to seek full guidance and help from the instructor during training periodonline proofreader

In addition to class theory and also direction, the learner will participate in hands-on driving time with ABCD DTS Driving School instructors. They will exercise local road and also highway driving, car parking as well as other methods essential to effective driving … together with the skills required to pass the chauffeur’s examination

We provide the following services to our esteemed customers.

Owner Driving Course

• 15 Days practical training for 30 mins. including:

• 5 days free road driving

• 5 days crowded road driving

• 5 days reversing,turning & night driving.

• Six (6)days theory including:

• Minor mechanism

• Traffic Rules & Regulations

• RTO Rules & Regulations

Professional Driving Course

• 45 days practical including:

• Night driving.

• Crowded road driving.

• Hill driving.

• Reversing and turning class.

• Doubt clearing classes.

• Personality development classes.

• Training on maintenance and care of vehicle.

• Minor mechanism including oil checking,tyre changing,battery fluid checking & changing.

Driving License Holder

• One hour per day including

• Night driving.

• Narrow route driving.

• Hill driving.
• Highway driving.

Instructor Driving Course

• Two months professional driving training course.
• One month internship.

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